Maddie Ashman is a multi-instrumentalist based in South East London. Her compositional career kicked off in 2017, when Maddie became musical director of Slipshod Theatre, writing original music for sell-out production The Babushka. Since then, she has written and arranged music for three more 5* awarded plays with Slipshod, shown in Winchester, Camden and Edinburgh.


Her interdisciplinary work has included writing for film, podcasts and art exhibitions. She recently scored three award winning short films for Piano Factory Films, with Mudlark nominated best UK short at Raindance Film Festival. Last year, Maddie was commissioned to write music for Alf Löhr’s art exhibition ‘Der Sturm’ shown at the Staatliches Museum, Schwerin.


,Maddie aims to bring fresh sounds to modern music with her latest EP ‘Apparently’, a record which rebels against guitar-led convention, placing cello at the forefront of pop. April this year, Maddie was announced runner up of the BBC radio 1 live lounge competition, 2022, performing her single '6AM'.  

She has received praise from the likes of Tom Grennan, who said ' I’ve never seen a cello be used the way she used it. I loved the way she looped it and used it in all sorts of ways, and her voice complimented everything she was doing. The songwriting was there.’


In 2020, Maddie graduated from Goldsmiths University with a 1st class honours music degree, where she was awarded the Ivashkin Performance Scholarship. Her final university project focused on integrating alternative tuning systems, particularly just intonation, into popular media forms, such as film scores, songs and theatre, hoping to make the techniques more accessible.

Maddie has continued to practice just intonation, studying with Michael Harrison, as well as Nico Muhly at Dartington School of Music. Through New York’s Arts Letters and Numbers programme this summer, Maddie wrote a microtonal string quartet for Del Sol, premiered at the Pacific Pythagorean Music Festival this March. 


This year, Maddie was selected as a Britten Pears Young Artist. Maddie is working on a immersive, meditative installation for Aldeburgh Festival 2022. She is workshopping a song cycle for microtonal guitar and multi-tracked voice, which aims to emancipate the natural commas that arise from just intonation.

Aside from writing music, Maddie plays cello for Tom Rosenthal, and enjoys writing string parts for a number of emerging artists, such as Ciaran Austin, Harry Nye and Elise Aeserbold.